【Report】3rd Experiment 

【Report】3rd Experiment 

The R&D project started in 2023 and is being accelerated to commercialization. The third demonstration test at a facility where the system is to be introduced was conducted for two weeks from late May to early June. Another step forward toward actual implementation! In this issue, we will report on the details of the experiment, focusing mainly on ParcelPal hardwear updates!

Tianjin City

The team developed a core platform for vehicles using conventional Ackermann steering systems for the experiment. The platform was tested virtually in a simulation of the Binhai facility, before the real-life test took place. Detailed control of the vehicle and obstacle detection and avoidance are features of the simulation.

As a major challenge, we installed and tested an E-HMI prototype that we built and developed in-house on an older ParcelPal model.

Take a look at the LED matrix screen, designed to display important information to pedestrians through a variety of different animations!

The second component of the E-HMI system is an LED light strip, which wraps  around the vehicle and changes color depending on its status, such as when the vehicle is waiting, or when a hazard is detected.

This time, we mapped an extensive area of the facility and conducted tests based on this mapping. By stitching the mapping data for each area, we succeeded in creating a map covering the entire facility employing SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology. This allows an autonomous vehicle to estimate its current location and understand its surroundings.

The next steps will focus on improving map size and obstacle detection, as well as further real-world tests to gather feedback from our partners.

Our efforts to develop our own vehicles are aimed at providing solutions to various social issues. If put into practical use, it will not only support the autonomy of elderly residents in nursing homes and improve their physical and mental health, but also reduce the burden on facility staff and improve their quality of life. Let’s realize a better future society!

ParcelPal in sunset



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